1 11 2010

Finally! Found easy way to keep a folder synced between two macs over a network. Cool piece of software: http://www.deltopia.com


19 08 2010

Had a display ‘lost’ off the screen of my Mac, but this got it back! Rare problem, but annoying: http://ping.fm/LljBv

30 04 2010

Steve Jobs’ thoughts on flash and why Apple won’t allow it on iphones/ipads. Interesting reading but as a music lover, flash is a must: http://ping.fm/Khmem

3 03 2010

Just checked and apparently we have 760 backlinks to our site: http://bizdisc.com.au. Dubious but will take it.

1 02 2010

Sales Guys CD-R business card posted by TheBusinessCarder: http://ping.fm/E3YnG

31 01 2010

Awesome free icons, including social media buttons, here: http://ping.fm/bgzGh

29 01 2010

Let’s get some more Facebook fans! (http://ping.fm/6s2BY)